Understanding Tax

Understanding Tax

Accountants are exceptionally intelligent people who have an experienced knowledge of the accounting world. Accounting in Bedford will sort out your taxes whether they are personal or business taxes. Our well-trained professionals will help assist you with your taxes, bookkeeping and annual accounts.    


What is Tax?

Tax is a compulsory payment to the government which is taken from a worker’s income or a business’ profits. Often tax is taken from the purchasing of goods or services in a VAT (Value Added Tax). We all pay VAT as it’s added onto most everyday products that we buy.    


Why Do We Get Taxed?

Taxes are essentially a source of income for the government. By paying tax, we are giving money to government funded organisations and services. These organisations and services include the NHS, the welfare and the education system. The tax collected is also used to help projects for the roads and railways.


A couple taxes that are quite common are PAYE and corporation tax.



PAYE tax stands for pay as you earn. This tax works by employees and pensioners having tax deducted under this tax using unique PAYE tax codes. HM Revenue and Customs and your employer will be involved with this. The percentage of tax will be decided based on the amount of money you make. PAYE in Bedford will help you understand your tax code and will look after your taxes for you.


Corporation Tax

You must pay a corporation tax if you’re in business. If you’re a limited company or do business as a foreign company with a UK branch or as an unincorporated association, you’ll be required to pay corporation tax. This tax is a little different to other taxes. It isn’t deducted straight away, you have to go through a process. You must register for corporation tax, however, if you’re an unincorporated association, you’ll need to write to HM Revenue and Customs. From here you must keep accounting records and file company tax returns by the deadline given. As this isn’t as straightforward as other taxes, it’s often easier to use an accountant. Corporation tax in Bedford will easily be able to organise your taxes and keep them in check for you. Making sure you never miss a tax payment.


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